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Search Engine Optimization Services For Your CompanySearch engine optimization (SEO) or Search engine marketing (SEM) is designed to increase your company's online traffic and sales by having your website rank high in popular search engines. It's all about growing customers, sales, and profits, and achieving measurable results.

The reasoning behind website search engine optimization can be summed up in one simple question:

What good is a website, if you have no one coming to it?

Why is the website you paid thousands of dollars for not producing the results you hoped it would? You may have thought it was doing the trick but where are the visitors? The traffic? The clicks? The sales? The ROI?

The Web is far more sophisticated than some designers realize, and many website design firms and Internet "professionals" main area of expertise is simply that - design. At Real Profit Solutions, we not only have award-winning designers, writers, and programmers, but we also specialize in search engine marketing services and we are a leading online search engine optimization company.

The goal of our process is to efficiently market your company’s website on the internet through the largest traffic tool available to you. Search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo are used by millions of people each day and many of these searches are people looking for certain products and services, some being the exact same products and services your company provides.

Targeted Traffic = Increased Sales

Increased Website Optimized Search Ranking A Complete SEO Strategy will:

Seek to promote your web site based on the content of the site.
Utilize data of how the average search engine user actually looks for information on your site - including alternative terms, synonyms, common phrasing, etc.
Include the creation, or addition of a search engine optimized relevance based reciprocal links network to your site.
Follow up on the preparation period with scheduled search engine submissions, promotional tools, and some means of reporting your success, usually a statistics report.

SEO Optimization Service Company Our SEO Search Engine Optimization Services Include:

Detailed analysis on competitor search engine positioning.
Analysis of competitor search engine optimization strategies.
Research of keyword strategy and what keywords your market is currently using to find products similar to yours.
Website Optimization
Optimize multiple website pages with client suggested/researched keywords.
Optimization of page titles, filenames, meta tags, meta descriptions, robot.txt file and alt tags in accordance to the new search engine regulations.
Creation of a sitemap file.
Suggest changes to content to match keywords.
Development of search engine friendly copy based on existing copy
Please note that some copy editing and copy writing services are subject to additional costs.
Website Search Engine Submission and Search Engine Promotion
Submit website to directories each month for a period of 6 months
Submit website to the free search engines each month for a period of 6 months
Cross Linking Strategy
Creation of a links directory page
Identify potential relevant web directories to promote website
Request the directories to list the client website
Creation of a long-term cross-linking campaign with relevant website's for continued cross promotion
On Going Monthly Search Engine Optimization Reporting
Comprehensive quarterly search engine ranking report based on optimized keywords and monthly online user statistics & traffic reports.
Continued fine-tuning of optimized pages in order to increase ranking and maintain a high search position.
Other Advertising and Marketing Strategies
Introduction to pay per click advertising
Paid Search Engine Directory Inclusions (optional)
Yahoo Directory Inclusion

Increase Search Engine Rankings Company PLUS! - Ongoing Monthly Maintenance

6 months of continuous monitoring and fine-tuning of your site's search engine positioning to keep pushing your rank higher - we won't stop promoting your site just because we hit the guaranteed targets - we'll keep going because we want to help you reach the top for as many keywords as possible - and keep you there.

Increase My Website Rank On Search Engines Our Pricing Model:

Our SEO services involve a two phase process.

The first phase will include the market research required, competitor analysis, all necessary website, html and text changes along with our website promotion strategies. This phase will consist of the one time initial set up fee.

With phase 2, we will continue an aggressive monthly regime of continued research and reviewing of your website's growth. Additional changes will be made to further increase the rankings as well as a continued link exchange and directory submission program to help maintain your popular position within the search engines. Each month you will be given a detailed report on your site’s statistics and rankings. The second phase consists of a low monthly charge. You can decide to stop using our services any time and you are not locked into a long termed contract.

Optimized Websites For Search Engine Services Our Guarantee! - Results Guaranteed or Your Money Back*:

We guarantee to give your website our personal attention. We will use all of our SEO expertise and resources to give your site the competitive edge it needs. We will use competitive but ethical SEO methods to increase your rankings and traffic without compromising the integrity of your site or your business. Since we do not own or operate the search engines, we do not guarantee specific search engine rankings on highly competitive keyword phrases. Relative to the search requests for your industry, if our number do not speak for themselves, we will return to you all your monthly payment charges.

Search Engine Marketing Services Lets Get Started! - Contact RPS for our Website SEO Services

Contact us if you have any other questions regarding our search engine optimization services. You can also find more detailed information on our website Since each website is different from another, the pricing may fluctuate.

Contact Us for a free initial consultation and personalized Search Engine Optimization estimate

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* Our Guarantee - We are confident that our search engine optimization ranking efforts will increase your website traffic and assist in increasing your in store sales. We guarantee that if you do not see results within 6 months, we will return all your monthly payments back to you. As a leading professional marketing company, you will rest assured knowing that your success is our success. Website's currently in place with the Google sandbox (new sites) may require longer time. Results are based on website visibility and overall increase in targeted traffic, not by specific search term ranking.

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