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Increasing the amount of quality traffic to your website is of little value unless you can convert those visitors into sales or enquiries.

The key advantage that internet marketing has over its more traditional offline counterparts is the ability to measure, often in real-time, whether your target market is carrying out the action you require. Understanding the activity of your website visitors is crucial, for without this behavioral insight you cannot determine the success of your website in achieving its objective.

There are many website statistics tracking packages available on the market that will provide this statistical information in a number of different formats, but unless you know what you are looking for, they can be difficult to grasp.

If you do not currently run statistics tracking software on your website, we can recommend from a range of website statistics packages that will provide you with various levels of information according to your budget. We will then project manage and provide website statistical consultation to help you better understand your website traffic and how you can improve your online business.

Statistical Analysis

Real Profit Solutions Web Statistics Services can help you to understand the information that these website statistics packages provide, by taking the statistical data and translating it into a comprehensive report that provides the following crucial information:

Number of visitors to your website
Tracking where they came from
When they came
How often they came
How long they stayed on your website
Where they went on your website
The terms they searched for on the search engines
Most popular pages
Most popular entry and exit pages
Most popular paths through your website

The website statistic tracking reports will not only provide this information, but will also explain what this actually means about your website and its success. These reports can then be used to make changes to your website to increase that all-important conversion rate of visitor to sale or enquiry.

Real Profit Solutions approach to our website statistics analysis is dictated by you, the client. We will analyze your website statistics in relation to the website’s objectives. Say for instance you require information on a particular conversion or point of sale, we will analyze the results with that in mind. Likewise, if you need analysis showing the success of a particular marketing campaign, we will make sure to uncover the information relevant to you.

We can provide these website statistic analysis reports on a monthly or quarterly basis or on demand basis.

Our website statistics analysis services and web statistic consultation pricing is unique to the requirements of your business. Contact us today for a free initial review and estimate of our web statistic tracking packages.

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